long [1] ADJECTIVE (longer, longest) 1) of a great distance or duration. 2) relatively great in extent. 3) having a specified length, distance, or duration. 4) (of a ball in sport) travelling a great distance, or further than expected. 5) Phonetics (of a vowel) categorized as long with regard to quality and length (e.g. in standard British English the vowel in food). 6) (of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a low level of probability. 7) (of a drink) large and refreshing, and in which alcohol, if present, is not concentrated. 8) (long on) informal well supplied with.
NOUN a long time.
ADVERB (longer, longest) 1) for a long time. 2) at a distant time: long ago. 3) throughout a specified period of time: all day long. 4) (with reference to the ball in sport) at, to, or over a great distance.
as (or so) long as — Cf. ↑so long as
be long — Cf. ↑be long
in the long run (or term) — Cf. ↑in the long term
the long and the short of it — Cf. ↑the long and the short of it
long in the tooth — Cf. ↑long in the tooth
DERIVATIVES longish adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.
long [2] VERB (long for/to do) have a strong wish for or to do.
ORIGIN Old English, «grow long», also «yearn».

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